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A bargain hunter's dream--the south seas in the winter, cheap as sand. Tahiti Vacations is taking advantage of underbooked flights on Air Tahiti Nui to lower prices on five-night air and hotel combos. These are for two specific departure dates in December to Tahiti and Moorea, and they won't be available for very long.
That toddlin' town, Chicago, is deep-dishing up incentives to get your tourist--and holiday--dollars with its sixth "Chicaglo" promotion.
The holidays are hassles for some, but it is possible to get away where Yuletide actually means a comfortable old house, a glowing fireplace, eggnog and cookies. We're not talking Grandma's here, but maybe the next best thing--a cozy bed & breakfast.
It looks like an early winter skiing season in the Northern Rockies this year, and Sun Valley is benefiting from the shower of flaky white. Bald Mountain there lies under several feet of snow already.
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From Maxine T: "I would like to try a European ski resort in January 2003. Can anyone recommend a snowboard-friendly place? Preferrably one with good night life too. Thanks!"
From Sparklegem: "I am in the early planning stages of a trip to Martinique. I would love to hear of other's experiences there."
From John Roberts: "Be prepared that when traveling in Australia that most beaches in rural areas are "free" beaches, meaning clothing is optional. This doesnt bother me in the slightest but some readers might find this a little shocking. In most urban areas most beach patrons are clothed."
From Bonnie Jazzman: "Namaste. I am an American woman from NY, lving in India on and off for the past five years, and traveling to and fro for the past twleve. I love the country with my heart and soul, am a student of the culture, relgions, languages, etc, and definately think India is the most fascinating, intersting and colorful country in the world. Do visit!"
From Mia Vallo: "My husband and I are thinking of going to Belize next spring. We've never been there before, so we have a lot of questions (how safe is it? etc.)."

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