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Looking for a recommendation on the next must-see place? As the New Year approaches, it's time to consider where you'll want to go next year. We've selected 10 places that are coming into their own; they're not swarmed with tourists, and travelers can still find bargains to get there.
It's your choice -- wake up in the dark, shovel snow on your driveway, de-ice your windshield before spending the day sitting at your desk staring out at the gray skies or book that Hawaiian vacation you've always dreamed of and escape the winter chills. It's easier and more affordable than you imagined.
Last week we left off from l'ile de R¿ -- an island off the west coast of France. This week we travel back to California -- with many stops along the way -- before heading out on another overseas adventure.
Two radio stations, WBGO-FM in Newark, New Jersey and WGBH-FM in Boston, have teamed up with Brickhouse Productions Jazz Music and Cultural Tours for a bossa nova winter dream: a music and culture tour of Brazil.
Ski resorts all over are gearing up for the winter onslaught of snow and skiers. Whether you're into snowboarding, downhill and cross-country skiing, or catching a little air on a snow mobile, winter resorts from Vermont to California to Colorado to Europe are opening their trails for beginners to advanced winter enthusiasts.
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Surf Oahu's North Shore
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Reader's Voice
From stockaz: "I'm looking for a travel companion to travel across the states for a few months. I have a book deal so this will be a working holiday or sorts. The idea is that I'll write about the trip and publish it as a diary/travel guide. I figured most people who do this kind of trip have a companion so I should too. I'm from England btw, if you're interested let me know."
From bevanded: "How does one check on the reputation of an international travel agent? I have been trying to find someone who has used Amazing Peru, but have received no replies. Their web page says they are members of ASTA and LASTA, but they do not show up as members. They have been wonderful to deal with online, but I'm reluctant to commit to a $4,000 itinerary until I'm sure they are okay. Thanks for your help."
From Trixiebee: "We're about to take a trip around the world. I love music, and have so many songs in mind for certain occasions. I'm also including some of our favorites on our travel website. What's the perfect song for you? Why? Where? I'll start: -- Sitting in my oceanside fale in Samoa, South Pacific. Soft waves crashing on the sands, the sun is setting, the fresh fish we caught is grilling up, and I have a nice Australian Chard in my wine glass. The song? Van Morrison's 'Stranded.' You?
From deepx: "I installed the Ding! application from Southwest and it seems great. Except that I haven't been able to reserve any of the cheap fares it touts. For example, right now there is one for Manchester, NH to Phoenix, AZ listed on the Ding! page of Southwest: Manchester to Phoenix for $82-$87! Fare is valid for travel everyday, December 4, 2005 through January 8, 2006 only. OK, I tried to reserve a flight for Dec 26th by clicking the Book Now! button. I can get a seat for $299 but not for any less money, nevermind $87."
From jenntutu: "I realize that it's the busiest travel weekend of the year, but I'm currently experiencing a one and a half hr. delay into Atlanta due to air traffic control back up. I've now flown 6 times on Delta through Atlanta and EACH time I have experienced a delay of over 30 minutes, which often creates quite the hassle in making connecting flights. Has anyone else had similar experiences? Any insight on why this is such a re-occuring problem?"

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