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If you're planning a trip to Hawaii, the Big Island, here are some of our suggestions.
Don't have any vacation days between now and Christmas? You can still get in a quick visit to New York during the city's glittery holiday festivities -- and save a chunk on your holiday shopping.
A jazz outing for Mardi Gras, a contest to win one of a covey of Caribbean cruises, a free pass on Alaska itineraries and our detailed listing of the best deals on the high seas are all on deck this week.
Beyond the usual big dinners, midnight buffets, and build-your-own pasta platters, we've laid out a sm¿rg¿sbord of all the food news that's fit to print.
If you're in a city where restaurants are just too expensive, where buying food is a brilliant part of the culture, or you're toting along some continually-noshing kids, you'll find huge advantages if you request a hotel room where you're able to whip a little something up on demand.
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Surfing off the Big Island of Hawaii
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Reader's Voice
From Bongo: "My wife and I just returned from a Thanksgiving Week in New Orleans and here are our recommendations."
From Anita Westman: "I have rented cars for years and have never had a flat tire; however, just this past week while traveling in Dallas I did. I paid for the tire to be changed (Sorry, I don't do that) and returned the car, ALL per Nationals instructions, and got a new car. Now I received a letter from their damage claim center stating I need to do a claim with my insurance or credit card. WHAT? It was a flat tire. Has anyone else had this type of issue?"
From Kelly Fields: "We want to get married in Las Vegas the third week in May 2004. We have never been there before and I am nervous about planning a destination wedding."
From Kevin Vander: "I recently returned from Prague and was disappointed. I had been looking forward to 'hitting' this city for quite sometime. Finally, I was able to fit it on my itinerary. I traveled via train from Munich. I noticed quite a difference in the people as soon as I got off the train. The city was beautiful, but I just got this 'not so welcomed' feeling. I really like to chat with locals. I attempt to learn some of the language out of respect. But usually when I attempted, I was greeted with an english answer and some eye rolling. It just felt as though they were all 'touristed out' Is it just me or has anyone else noticed?"
From Smasher: "I recently visited Thailand and was unfortunate enough to have a girl on a motorbike collide into my hire car. Fortunately I had Thai passengers who told me to lay my seat flat and not move whilst they left the car and sorted things out with the not-too-badly-injured victim. I was very shaken up and couldn't understand why I was not allowed to help. Is this a common scam, and if so, does anyone have any other such tales? Does anyone have any advice?"
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