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Hertz Rental Cars in Florida needs you this holiday season. That's right. In an effort to recoup the cars it lost to Florida residents fleeing Hurricane Ivan and friends last fall, is offering dramatic discounts on one-way rentals into the Sunshine State through December 31, 2004.
The Southern Hemisphere summer is without doubt the best time to visit Australia and New Zealand, with sensational weather, plenty of outdoor activities and the entire population of both countries in festive mode.
It has a language of its own, a growing capital city with a huge arts scene, and a coastline to rival any other in Europe. When it comes to beauty, scenery, gorgeous waters and reasonable prices, Portugal, with cosmopolitan Lisbon and the cliffs of the Algarve, remains an extremely popular, affordable and diverse vacation spot.
The wise traveler should pay a visit to any of these online resources before you leave home. You'll find a multitude of money-saving resources (including coupons and special promotions), maps, suggested itineraries, calendars of events and more.
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From Mike Frederick: "I just came back from Bali and Java, Indonesia. Frommer's frequently addresses this destination, especially since it's on the US State Dept.'s travel advisory as a country NOT to go to. All I can say is, assess the risk, make your own decision but I recommend that you GO! I used an agency also frequently touted by Frommer's, Escapes Unlimited, and had a grand time."
Readers respond to our recent article regarding air carriers' approaches for dealing with passengers of varying heights, weights and age.
From drjames: "Just be sure before you buy, what airport security fees, airport useage fees are since they can really add to the price of budget tickets."
From Kathy Kapes: "We had tickets for a flight from Allentown to Sanford Florida r/t from Dec. 22 to 30. We did not receive any notification from Southeast that they went bankrupt; I found out about this from CNN news. When I checked Southeast's website, it only says that they are not longer flying due to fuel costs and to ask your credit card company for a refund. Since it was less than 21 days before our trip, I spent four hours on the internet checking for other flights at a reasonable cost. The only one I could find was US Air. Today, on the news, I heard that the next two weeks will foretell USAir's future and that it is surprising that the company's employees have not gone on strike or had a work stoppage. Am I going to be left again without a flight at Christmas? Does anyone have any information or suggestions?"
From Jane B.: "Ok, here's an odd experience. I recently flew from Izmir to Istanbul and, as I was walking through the domestic terminal, three different 'official greeters' asked me if I needed assistance. I make a point of dressing as anonymously and conservatively as possible when traveling and, since only 5% of the tourists to Turkey are from the US, I finally asked the last greeter how he could tell I was an American. He said it was the way I walked! We then got into an amusing conversation about traveling and I forgot to ask him how Americans walk. So, my question is does anyone else think Americans walk distinctively?"

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