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Air Tahiti Nui has opened up a slew of seats on those $399-$599 flights to Papeete, and US Air puts routes between Cleveland and the West Coast on sale.
Konichiwa! Last week we left off jet-lagged at the Osaka Airport Hotel. This week we travel to my new favorite place in Japan: Kinosaki.
In late January, Chinese immigrants and Chinese-Americans across the country will say goodbye to the year of the rooster and usher in the year of the dog. Here's where to have a blast looking to the west.
Long the play ground of discerning European travelers and adventure seekers, particularly the Portuguese and English, the Azores remains largely undiscovered by Americans and therefore it is a great destination for those wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle of crowded tourist islands in the Mediterranean or Caribbean.
When heading to the far corners of the Earth, or taking a trip to Paris, Tokyo, Morocco, Australia or anywhere else for that matter, several cell-phone rental resources are available for the global traveler looking to stay in touch.
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From GypsyRose: "Am I going to look really stupid with the ubiquitous 'belt bag' on my upcoming trips to Thailand and Paris? In the past I have always used a multi pocket belt bag and always felt quite secure about it. I've seen those travel scam shows where someone cuts open a belt bag while distracting you but I don't let anyone in my space! Once when standing on Las Ramblas watching a magician I kept my hands on it right in front of me the whole time because I felt that the distracted crowd was a prime place for pickpockets -- it was easy to guard. I was thinking of ditching it this go round for something more fashionable, but I find that carrying a minimum of valuables in a small and easily protected space right in front of me is hard to beat. It also leaves my hands free and, well, anyone have any better ideas?
From travel98: "I was wondering if anyone knows a good travel website for high school students. I would like to go on a European tour (London, Paris, Rome) during spring break. I am thinking about Explorica. Any suggestions?
From Daniel Love: "I just returned from staying at Atlantis on Paradise Island, Bahamas, on December 13. My thoughts are presented in outline form, for ease and convenience."
From Jane of the Jungle: "We're planning a 3 week holiday to Cape Town in January, 2006. We are going to be based in C.T., but would like to do some day trips (and few overnight trips) to vineyards in the area. Can anyone suggest a vineyard, which they just loved? Also any suggestions of good restaurants in Cape Town would be very much appreciated."
From ampoteacher: "Has anyone taken a tour with Djoser? We are planning to travel to Russia this year and wanted a land tour of Moscow, Golden Ring and St. Petersburg. What is the quality of their tours? Any other input will be helpful. Any other land tours available?"

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