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Roadtrip travel in January and February is less common, than in, say, warm-enough-to-roll-the-windows-down June and July, and prices typically reflect that lower demand. So far, 2004 is shaping up to be no different, with one outfit pushing special rates of less than $10 a day.
December's a winning month for discount airline ATA. First they offered unparalleled fares between New York and Honolulu, and now they're following up with a slam-bang sale on many of their other routes.
Disney magic ain't cheap, but Mary Waring, probably the world's greatest expert on saving money at the Disney theme parks, can teach you how and where to cut your costs.
Even though most American tourists opt for Cancun over any other Mexican destination, those who visit Mexico's westside gems are richly rewarded. The crowds are smaller, the terrain a little wilder and the Aztec culture is just plain friendlier.
Hit this town before or after the prime summer tourist season, when you can still enjoy the natural beauty and the cultural scene that makes this centuries-old village one of our favorite spots.
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From Curious George: "Do any of you finance types out there want to speculate on when we might expect a favorable exchange rate again?"
From WT: "Got back from a western Caribbean cruise. Ocho Rio was our first stop. We booked a tour with Chef & Libby. Chef met us outside the gate at the pier. Took us around to see the real Jamaica. Chef took us anywhere we wanted to go because it was a private tour. We drove through the town near Ocho Rio, up & down the mountain, went to some beautiful beaches. Went to Dunn's River Fall park in the afternoon. Chef waited for us at the park entrance while we enjoy climbing the waterfall. We didn't have to deal with the locals and the merchant's hassles. We saw the real Jamaica."
From Sharon A: "In the middle of planning an all-inclusive vacation to Punta Cana, a friend who does business in the DR told me that things are not well there. He said that the poverty level is so bad there that the people are rising up against the government. Their company was warned of a possible revolution and plans are being made to get their employees off the island. Has anyone else heard these rumors?"
From Chris Schultz: "We are thinking about planning trip to Easter Island. I can't help but be interested in the this unique and remote place. Somehow being so far from everything while still seeing such an amazing place interest me. It seems the best way to get there is through Chile or maybe Tahiti. Can anyone offer their experiences, thoughts or ideas about the island?"
From Doris Kohl: "My husband and I went with a tour group for dinner at Chef Bernard's. It advertises that it is a 5 star restaurant and has superb steaks. We, along with several couples, were picked up at our hotel in Chef Bernard's stretch SUV. We were really looking forward to a lovely evening."

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