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A trip to Japan can be the ultimate in culture shock. So when I was in Tokyo last month, I was thrilled to discover Tokyu Stay, the Japanese capital's only chain of short-stay apartment hotels.
If your soul could do with some saving, or you are just interested in learning more about the history of your religion, then you may want to consider taking a religiously inspired pilgrimage or tour. In general you will travel with like-minded people who want to re-affirm their faith, or educate themselves. This sort of travel may not be for everyone, but themed travel is a growing market and what bigger theme than religion!
While Belize is best known as one of the world's top diving spots with the second largest barrier reef on the Western Hemisphere, its jungle interior has plenty of beautiful properties and vacation possibilities for deal seekers, adventure travelers and luxury vacationers alike.
The sun must be shining hard on Shanghai, because China's largest city is growing faster right now than just about anyplace else on earth. Back in action after recovering from the SARS epidemic, Shanghai is literally paving the way for the World Expo coming to town in 2010. China's premier port and trading center is hosting ever more foreigners and the construction of new skyscrapers, a Maglev train from the airport, high-speed trains to Beijing, a near glut of luxury hotels, and an annual film festival showcasing the growing body of extraordinary Chinese film.
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From Mary Peick: "I will be joining my college-age daughter and a friend in India for 12 days in February 2005. I will get the air ticket on my own, but I need help with planning activities, travel and lodging in India, and I must keep in mind the fact that the two college students don't have lots of money. Has anone used the guide, Raj Singh of Indian Experience, recommended in Frommer's India? If so, what did you think? Any other suggestions? Thanks for any help you can give."
From Eliy: "We are a couple (over 60) and would like to go to the US next April for about 3 weeks. We like Nature (mountains, rivers) but cannot go over 3,000 feet. Any ideas? Renting a car is a possibility. Thanks for cooperating."
From Sebastian M.: "My question concerns vacationing in the Caribbean. My friends and I are ages 19 to 21. We would like to go for two weeks to an island that attracts a younger crowd, not just honeymooners; that has beautiful beaches and water activities; that offers options to budget travelers; that has a nightlife; and, if it's possible, that is a little off the beaten path. What's an ideal island destination for us?"
From Rachel A.: "I wanted to add a honeymoon registry to the ones listed by Frommers in the article today. We used www.thebigday.com for our honeymoon registry, and had a wonderful experience. I planned our 3 week honeymoon (using Frommer's tips) to travel around Europe, and we personalized our honeymoon registry with photos and descriptions of the stops. They included special dinners (for example, at a highly rated restaurant in Brussels), hotel stays and 'treats' like Belgium chocolate, pasta from Italy, city tours, breakfast in bed, and a double massage. Our guests absolutely loved it, and we got more gifts off that then the 'traditional' ones we set up at target and Williams Sonoma."
From Alicia Cheng: "Hi - my fiancee and I stayed at a very nice motel in Lincoln City recently, that I think deserves to be recommended. It is the Esther Lee motel in Lincoln City. It's not a fancy motel -- it fact it is very basic, but the prices are good, the rooms are very clean, the owners and employees (family operated, I believe) are very nice, and there are a few 'extras,' such as a video library and fireplaces in some rooms. Also, a spectacular view of the ocean, which is right outside your window (if you have an oceanside room, of course)."

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