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Belize, the tiny, English-speaking Latin American nation next door to Mexico, has always prided itself on being a leader in ecotourism and adventure travel. One company is helping the country maintain that reputation with unique expeditions like a whitewater rafting trip through a sanctuary for big cats; an all-out, ladies-only exploration; and a slightly subdued private island retreat.
The most recent sale from SWISS, Switzerland's perpetually struggling national airline, covers departures up until the end of March and returns up until the end of April. That's as far in advance as we're going to get at this time of year, and the prices are good enough that early birds can feel comfortable locking them in.
Today only, AirTran is offering one of the best sales of theirs we've seen. We expect many of these fares to be matched by Delta and others, so shop around but fly the 'Tran if you can, because the fare-slashing wouldn't happen without 'em. You support their business, they'll support your wallets.
June 6, 2004 will herald the commemoration of the combined American, British, Canadian and free French forces' massive invasion of Normandy that signaled the beginning of the end of the Third Reich. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, a series of special tours will take place from the USA. This region will see an increase in tourism over the anniversary, so now is the time to plan.
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Ride the Rapids in Belize
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Reader's Voice
From E.M.: "I've been hearing different things about airlines allowing knitting needles - from them not being allowed at all on the aircraft, to only allowing the plastic needles that are attached, to having no problems at all with knitting needles. Has anyone had experience with this? I am flying United and they do not have anything on thier website about it."
Reader rjonson lays out tips and tales on a recent vacation south of the border.
From Len G: "My wife and I will be visiting Hong Kong in July and would like to take the overnight train to Bejing in a private sleeper. It appears that one can only get tickets five days in advance. My question is twofold: What are our chances of being able to get a round trip ticket that time of the year and is there any way to get a guaranteed sleeper months in advance?"
From Jim Quince: "Has anyone had experience with home exchanging? I've looked at a couple of websites and see that there is a wide range of places available. How does one deal with the diffence in value? If I have a 4br house and exchange for a 2br apartment, how do they work out the differences in value? Any other advice or experience?"
From Brian Guevara: "We are going to Seoul in either mid February or April. While I am there I would like to visit the border and get a feel for "The most dangerous border on earth". I saw on television many years ago, where visitors were able to tour the conference building where talks are conducted between the North and the South. Is this activity still available? Do you have to be ex-military? Would my South Korean born, U.S. carrying green card wife be able to accompany me?"

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