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Belize is one of those countries that most people have heard of but few people have actually visited. Nestled between Mexico and Guatemala on the Caribbean coastline, Belize offers a unique mix of tropical jungles, diverse wildlife, majestic mountains, Mayan temples, and some of the best scuba diving and fishing in the Caribbean. Belize is a paradise for those travelers seeking outdoor adventures on land or in the water.
You don't have to be an adventure seeker praying for air and serious moguls to enjoy the slopes. Cross county skiing is a wonderful outlet for those that want to be firmly planted to the ground. This ski season, both downhill adventures and cross country snow shoeing can be equally as physically taxing and fun-filled.
Here's part two of our look at Chinese New Year celebrations across North America significant celebrations, east of the Mississippi.
I'm escaping the winter chills this December and heading home to Australia for a few weeks so I may be a little biased, but there really is nothing like a summer down under. Sure there may be more beautiful beaches in Brazil, or better shopping in Paris, richer red wines in Italy and plenty of sport right here in the US, but for a combination of all these things and gorgeous weather to boot, you can't beat a summer in Australia or New Zealand.
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From georged01: "Will be in London during the week of April 9, 2006. Would like to take a few day trips outside of London to the country side."
From sharonov: "Some (new) friends usually travel with Wilderness Travel. My husband and I usually go with OAT."
From Islandgyrl: "I am traveling from the Unites States (NY/NJ) to Serbia and wondered if someone can suggest the best (and cheapest) way to get there."
From Downinit: "I need to know the best way to get from Bergamo Airport in Milan, to Venice. I normally travel by train in Europe, but not sure if I wanna haul our bags on a bus to catch a train to Venice, since I will lose more time doing so."
From Limbaugh: "So, a few friends and I are heading to MBJ Jan 11 - 16, 2006. I've heard rumors of how "bad" the streets of MBJ are."

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