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If you have been wondering about life at sea, more specifically, aboard a luxury cruise ship, speculate no more. Get yourself to your phone or computer keyboard and sign up for the posh Olympic Voyager, which is having a rare mini-cruise this April, with prices starting at just $204, including port charges of $35.
For the fourth year running, much of the City by the Bay is having its winter sale, with hotel rooms going for as little as $99 per night. That's the rate for some of the accommodations being offered by the Joie de Vivre Hospitality people, the Kimpton Boutique hotels folds and Personality Hotels.
We've been plugging away at promoting Canada as one the best and nearest foreign budget travel destinations. When you combine it's awesome reputation as a skiing mecca at this time of year with its continuing good-for-the-American-dollar exchange rate, there's no denying its immediate appeal. To lure in those greenbacks Tourism British Columbia has launched a new ski section online to promote several cost-conscious ski resorts, and they're well worth a look.
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From Demetra Wright: "We just returned from a first class trip with Paul Laifer Tours to Budapest & Prague from Reagan Airport--the 8 day tour (3 nights in each city) was great--very organized & the Hotel IBIS we stayed in before & also again is great, especially in Budapest where they even have Internet access. Prague was very difficult to get around because the metro & trams were packed with very few English-speaking people, but Budapest was exactly the opposite."
From Donald Potthoff: "On a recent 2nd leg (Dallas to Houston) of a Miami to Houston trip, I traveled with my wife and 4 children. Our previous (Delta) flight was late making us the 2nd to last group to receive our seat assignments on this puddle-jumper. The ground crew over-fueled meaning that out of 21 seats, several already unfilled, 5 more people would have to get off with no more flights until the next day. With no volunteers, it came down to my family."
Ruben Alvarez: "Has anyone stayed in a bed and breakfat in Manhattan? Last time I was in New York I walked past a couple they were near Times Square and looked pretty nice from the outside. Any information on addresses, phone numbers and/or Web sites would really be appreciated."
From Nora La Corte: "Air Tahiti Nui had pleasant attendants in beautiful uniforms, but the air quality is often poor, seats are very uncomfortable and "multiple meals" consisted entirely of one meal where the main course was served in a 3 inch shallow cup. Also, the flaps under the "new" plane's wings appeared to be rusted. So, consider your health, safety and comfort before booking Air Tahiti Nui."
From Lee O.: "I've benefitted from this forum for some time & thought I'd pass along my own experience so that others may benefit, as well. For those who enjoy the B&B experience and for those who want to try it out, we found a true gem! During a recent trip to Montreal, we decided to check out a place that a friend recommended to us & were pleasantly surprised! Unlike the other run of the mill places out there, this place is truly special. Fireplaces & jacuzzis in the room, convenient to everything, relatively inexpensive, and the owners couldn't be nicer! A wonderful experience--we can't wait to go back!"

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