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This winter, travel deals abound as travelers look to take advantage of New Orleans' food, fun and historical offerings. Throw in some last minute Mardi Gras deals and "Les Bonnes Temps Sont Rouler!"
Literature has long inspired people to travel. Literary tours probably started in the fifth century B.C. with the Greek writer and historian Herodotus in his seminal work The Histories, which features magical accounts of ancient Egypt during the Ptolemaic period. It inspired thousands of Greek and later Roman citizens with means, to visit the shores of the Nile River in search of great wonders.
When travelers think of paradise, Connecticut probably isn't the first place that pops into their head. But on second look, the Nutmeg State has provided seclusion in beauty for such great authors as J.D. Salinger and William Styron that it might be the perfect quiet winter getaway.
The latest technology just makes life easier on the road -- and now it's even cheaper.
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From Linda Crottin: "I know we should be prepared, but I've sometimes found myself in situations where I would like to or feel I should tip someone, and I have nothing with me other than the local equivalent of a $20 or $50 bill. I'm never sure of what to do in those situations. Should I show the large bill and ask the person if he has change? Should I simply pretend that I don't realize a tip is expected? Sometimes it's possible to tip later when I have change, but other times you don't expect to see the person again. How do others handle this situation?"
From Cinjodi: "Has anyone ever gone through the website Carrentalexpress.com? It is supposed to host independent rental car companies. When I did a search on that site for Brussels it brought up a page that only featured Alamo, and it said that International Travel Services (ITS) partners with Alamo in Brussels. They want me to pre-pay the reservation and get a voucher that I am supposed to hand over at the Alamo rental counter. I've done a Google search on ITS and found nothing. Has anyone ever done this voucher route before? Is it legit? What are the odds of me showing up at Alamo with this voucher and being told that they won't honor it, that it is bogus?"
From Brenda P.: "I have just booked a weekend stay at the Ice Hotel for February 2005 and was wondering if anyone has been there to share their experience. Look forward to hearing from you."
From llin: "My family and I will be leaving in 2 weeks for WDW. We will be staying outside the park on International Drive, not too far from the parks. I need some suggestions for dinner places to eat that are family friendly and not expensive (kids 7, 6 and 2) . I don't want to eat McDonalds for dinner, but would like something half-way nutritious for us to eat in the evenings. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!"
From Brian Sheffer: "I recently visited Nicaragua (Minagua, Granada, etc.) and spent 3-days surveying the area. Honestly, like most I watch too much news and had a tremendous misconception of Nicaragua. I expected to see guns and military uniforms. In three days and approximately 250 miles of travel, I saw 5 military uniforms and about 10 guns. The thing I found refreshing is that during our entire trip, we did not talk to anyone who outwardly displayed anxiety. We felt very safe and feel quite confident that Nicaragua will continue to be a growing tourist destination."

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