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Those diligent and hard-working elves over at Airfarewatchdog.com have rustled up some stellar sales on flights. Seats are often limited, so don't delay.
With so many things to choose from, where to start can be as confusing as deciding where to go. Here are a few sites to help.
A few new, small, luxury airlines are showing there's another way to fly. Luxury flying doesn't make you wait on long lines or play knee-battles with your neighbor's tray table. And yeah, sure, it's expensive, but it's cheaper than it's been before.
Even if it's tough to find a place to "get away" from loud New Year's revelry, celebratory shakers and paper hats with rubber band chin ties, it isn't that difficult to find a spot to count down the last days of 2005 other than your hometown.
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Catch a cheap flight to Mexico City
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Reader's Voice
From Larryhaim: "I read the comments on the various vendors that will rent you a cell phone while you are traveling abroad. A far more economical approach, especially for folks who travel outside the US on a regular basis, is to buy a cheap phone either here or abroad and then buy a pre-paid cell phone card which can be used in that country."
From citymanager: "My spouse & I are traveling to Telluride in January 2006 for a week long ski vacation. In addition to skiing, we are looking for unique local sites and activities to visit. Also, what restaurants are recommended while in the Telluride area?"
From rjscott: "Just back from 7 wonderful days on Maui. Arranged (and rearranged!) our flights and condo through Bryan Brown at Hawaiian Breezes. Checking in online to AA the day b/f departure was able to snag exit row seats for all flight segments to/from Maui. DH was thrilled as he is 6'4" and gets rather cranky after biting on his knees for hours."
From FD Garcia: "The following are our observations from a trip to Beijing using Gate 1 Tours. Our group consisted of 13 friends and family aged 7 to 75 years old."
From anitajrt: "We traveled to the Azores to 2 weeks last February, hitting 6 of the 9 islands. We loved each of these islands, each one was a breath of fresh air and slightly different from the last. Not too much much to buy, but the scenery was wonderful, the people so friendly -- highly recommend this trip."

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