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Go on. Ask your airline for a favor. While you're at it, see whether your hotel will offer you a suite for the price of a standard room. The answer could be yes.
Our round-table panel of editors gather to discuss our top destinations for the new year, as well as one city our readers can't seem to get enough of.
Right now, down in the southern hemisphere, an iceberg that measures in at 44 square miles and weighs some 50 billion tons is drifting towards Australia's western coast.
Travel to the Caribbean or Mexico's Pacific Coast is especially attractive when January sets in and it's dark by four in the afternoon. Apple's "Pick-a-Price: Something for Everyone" vacation makes getting there easy.
From the official guidebook of the U.S. Olympic Committee: Where to find tickets, how to get around, and how to see the best of Vancouver and Whistler during the Winter Olympics.
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Sorrento, Italy Sorrento, Italy
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From djjones: "My friend and I are looking for an inexpensive place in or near Marigot Bay for a few days in January. Considering hostels or inexpensive hotels/villas/rooms."
From army_of_me: "Is it worth an 11-hour drive from Houston? We like nature and hiking, but if there's not more than a day or two worth of things to do there, we probably won't go."
From drew77: "Flights already booked in and out of Mexico City. First timers to Mexico from Australia. Is our itinerary too much?"
From chrisinbayridge: "Was wondering if anyone has dealt with or taken any their travel packages, and if it was a good experience."
From Nikos: "Wondering if it is feasible to get a good look of the place in this 16-day time frame."
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