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The reopening of the World Trade Center station combined with the new Airtrain to JFK airport as eased commuters' burdens -- and created off-center opportunities for tourists.
Three airlines have sales going on, the fares are terrific, and the great fares are scattered across the nation.
A sweet, sweet deal that was all set to expire in November continues to live on with repeated extensions -- think of this as a gift that just keeps on giving. Now you've got until January 15, 2004, to book this special fares.
Lance Armstrong will be trying for an unprecedented sixth win in the 2004 Tour de France. You can tour along the very same routes during the event, on one of several packages just announced by Discover France. There are many mix-and-match itineraries to choose from, and you can go it on your own or enjoy the support of an escorted tour over the three-week period in July.
Freezing rain and snowstorms always make us think of sandy beaches, warm breezes, palm trees and a cool tall glass of fruity rum punch. For most Americans, the Caribbean is the nearest venue that holds the promise of climbing mercury.
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Reader's Voice
From dawn: "The wind is blowing hard enough today to pick up icy snow making them weapons as they hit exposed skin. It's the kind of day that sets me dreaming and I get the "itch" -- the travel itch that is! Help me out by confessing about those undiscovered places that you hold close to your heart."
From Eve Vanden Broek: "For many people hiking and white water rafting is considered 'off the beaten path.' Both are offered in Thailand and although they are on my list of things to do, I'd like to hear from anyone who has discovered an 'off the beaten path' activity (non drug related) or sight that is not typically listed in a guide. Did you stumple upon it or was it recommended by a local Thai?"
From Arnold Gorin: "We are planning to travel to China in May, 2004. We are in a position to travel comfortably and would appreciate recommendations for specific cruiseships on the Yangtze through the Three Gorges area. Our backgrounds are academic, and we are interested in history, art, and comparative religion. We are interested in details concerning the quality of the food (preferably Chinese), local tours and staterooms."
Fred D: "Just back from LV, make at least one trip a year for 15-20 years. Here are my opinions, based on my experiences--altho yours might be different."
From Donnatella Dolce: "I recently flew from Florida to NY on Southeast. Two off-duty flight attendants ended up in the last row. An on-duty FA was carrying on about how terrible their seats were, and how they should have insisted on better ones, and how she was going to find them better seats. Sure enough, as the front rows were boarding, the FAs moved into the bulkhead seats. Well, the passengers who were actually assigned the bulkhead seats boarded and I could not believe it when the on-duty FA said that the seats had been double booked and were given to the FAs because they boarded first.

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