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For a country steeped in antiquity, there are plenty of new attractions to bring you back to Egypt. Since the late 1990's Egypt's thriving tourism industry has been going through a renaissance with changing attitudes towards its priceless relics and new and innovative ways to make tourists feel welcome and safe.
Orlando, with its world championship golf courses and adult fun center spearheaded by Universal Studios Resort and Theme Park continues to attract travelers with well-priced deals and plenty of hotels.
While you are watching it snow outside and realizing that winter has only just begun, keep in mind that it is always warm in Southeast Asia and whether you are after a beach vacation, a shopping trip or a cultural expedition, you'll always find what you are after in Asia.
Driving up or down the California Coast, you can't help but marvel at the natural beauty and the breathtaking coastline. The old bridges, the peaks and valleys, the long stretches of speeding across the beachfront, and the California towns that dot the coastline. You get whiplash just looking back at the scenery.
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From Peggy D: "I love reading books connected to the site I am visiting: Tender is the Night on the French Riviera, Peig in western Ireland, Wide Sargasso Sea on Nevis. My sister was so swept up by the suicide of the Austrian crown prince that she insisted on renting a car and driving to Mayerling, in the dark of night, in the rain, where nothing of the old building exists; she just had to be there! Anyone else got good book-site combinations?"
From Ryyannon: "I'm an American who's living in France and who would like to book a round-trip ticket from Paris to San Francisco. My question is whether it's possible to book this ticket from here in Paris through either an online or real travel agency in the U.S. and pay for the voyage in dollars rather than euros. Since I have a dollar bank account in the States, it would be more economical to do it this way given the currently defavorable dollar/euro exchange rates. I've heard that ticketing policies require that the ticket be issued in the country that the traveler is leaving from -- and paid for in the local currency. Since I'm not sure of this, I'd appreciate input from people who know what the rules really are."
Ralph Helale: "It's high time the government started allowing pensioners aged 75 and over free passports or renewals as a recognition of their past contributions to the economy and loyalty as citizens of our great country. Other nations are doing this already, and our pensioners deserve the same -- especially the veterans who have served our country well and faithfully."
From Raquel Janoe: "Is anyone concerned with the recent shark attacks? I believe there were 2 in December. I will be in both of those locations in about 2 weeks -- Cairns and Adelaide. Does anyone know how shark attack warnings are handled in Aus? Are there certain areas that they swim? I am a bit nervous about our upcoming trip now. Thanks for any thoughts on this."
From Bar bar a: "If you hold a VISA Platinum card you can usually avoid paying for the CDW (collision damage waiver) insurance. This is a major savings. We did so with Hertz and the car was involved in an accident. The amount of damage was charged to our card in Europe and within six weeks the charge was taken off. No, we did not have to pay the amount, nor were we charged interest. As always check with your card carrier first. Another rental car misconception is that exorbinate fees will be charged if you drop your car off in a different city. With our Hertz Gold Club card we did not pay any extra fees."

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