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A line files for bankruptcy and cancels its trips while another announces a relocation to New Jersey for its homeport. Plus, we look at a new Polish river cruise, a cultured outing for the PBS crowd and a no-smoking ship allows lighting up once again.
We highlight two lands, one real and one imagined, in this airfare roundup.
Booklets purchased in December or after will remain valid through March 31, 2004 in New York, Boston and Seattle. You can purchase easily online or at any of the attractions, saving time at the main entrance ticket lines by going to the Advance sales or special CityPass sales window.
Planning ahead for next year's camping season? We hope so, because we can't imagine holing up in a tent in Utah right now. Reserve America, the online system for reserving camping spots at many state and federal parks, will add 12 new parks to its system on Jan. 1, including some of the nation's most popular locations.
We're laden with specials for the coming year -- including a gay cruise through Northern Europe, a Caribbean voyage on a 19th century clipper ship and cargo crates of savings all the globe for 2004.
We've said it before and we'll say it again, off-season travel equals great savings for you. Our proof? We present you with exhibit A: several offers to the City of Light in deep winter for under $100 a day.
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Reader's Voice
From Judy DiR: "On a recent flight on United from Amsterdam a gentleman sitting in the middle row of a 777 reclined his seat. The man sitting behind the reclined seat nicely asked the person to please leave his seat upright as the seat back was digging into his knees. Unbelievably, he refused to put his seat upright. The flight attendants and finally the purser came and the bottom line was that the gentleman purchased his seat and could do what he wanted with it."
From Michael Wilson: "A few months ago I asked the Frommers.com members to help me plan my 50th birthday trip to Paris, with hotels and things to do, and I must say that Dec. 10-15 will be forever in my mind as the best trip I have even taken."
From aldefurianni: "I can't believe how hard it is to find the answer to this question on the web! What is the required ID for a child (7 year old) to board a domestic U.S. flight with her parents? Is a passport required? What other form of 'govt issued picture ID' could be available on two day notice for a child?"
From Kate Crimson: "I have a couple of tips that could save visitors to Delhi a lot of grief. First of all, when you arrive at the international airport and need a taxi, go only to the government-sponsored taxi stand right outside the door."
From Maria Sandez: "I'll be in Boston over New Year's. Is that First Night button worth bothering with. What kind of activities do they offer?"

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