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This late-winter getaway to London saves you $238 per person.
The email I received from a guest at a budget motel in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., made me want to throw up my hands and shout. Problem is, I can't figure out who is being more ridiculous -- the hotel or the guest.
Now is the perfect time to start thinking about next year's family vacation. It might not be the most glamorous part of travel, but figuring out how to pay for it is vital. Develop a plan, stick to it -- and, as experts recommend -- involve your kids.
Take advantage of transatlantic cruise deals, pre- and post-cruise hotel stays, prepaid gratuities, and other incentives to sail around the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Pacific, and scenic destinations around the world.
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London schoolboys blow off a little steam. London schoolboys blow off a little steam.
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From kenc: "We are planning a trip from NYC to japan in early April. I have done "some" research and thinking about 4 days in Tokyo, 2 days in Kanazawa, and 4 days in Kyoto with perhaps a side trip to Takayma. Does this like a good plan and feasible to do?"
From stardancer: "I am considering a visit to Palma in the spring of 2013, maybe May, as a friend said that the summer months are overrun with tourists. However, I have found very little in the way of detailed information in the usual guides."
From cdickinson21: "I really don't know the difference between any of these 3, but my fiance wants to rent one when we are in Italy for our honeymoon. Since we will only be visiting Rome, Venice, and Florence; I am guessing Florence will be the most feasible place to use one. Am I correct? Is there seating for 2 on them and how much do they generally cost?"
From bronxboy: "My extended family, consisting of 14 adults and 5 children, between 1 and 4 years old, is looking for a large house to rent for a family reunion. We would like to do this over Labor Day weekend 2013. We are currently located in Phoenix, San Francisco, Indianapolis, and New York."

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