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Editor's Note
Since it's the holidays, we're taking a little break ourselves here at Frommers.com. Today's Newsletter features articles we've published throughout the past year.
Deals and News
Consider Petrabax Vacations' one-week getaways to Spain. You can choose a six-night escape to Madrid from just $499, hotels and air included, or pay a bit more and add on the Costa del Sol. Expect sunny weather much of the time, but it can be quite cold, especially in Madrid, in winter.
You've seen more than one Caribbean sampler from us recently, and there are many more coming down the pike. Unlike Forrest Gump and his box of chocolates, however, you should know after reading this grouping of holiday deals just what you're going to get if you are looking for a way to spend time in sunny climes this winter. Rates at all-inclusive resorts from $150 and up should make almost anyone happy, I would guess.
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Reader's Voice
From davidroot: "Although there are other airlines that are better, American is definitely the most overrated. Their SABRE system locks in travel agents to flights on American, regardless of how many more connections one needs to attend to. Whenever you book a flight from a travel agent, and have an airline preference, do so."
From J. Stephen Hisler: "We discovered a really great German restaurant near Sabula, Iowa. It is called Hillside Stables. Not many of you in other parts of the country will go that way but if you live in that area like the Quad Cities or Dubuque it is worth the drive. Very nice atmosphere and great food. The owner, Volker Nass was our host and visited our table several times during and after the meal."
From Donna Farrell: "I have very mixed feeling about tipping. When my daughter was waitressing her way through college, she got a job in the local TGIFridays. At that time I was taking care of her finances and she told me that she had her paycheck direct deposited into her checking account. Well, her first deposit was $1.74 for a paycheck. Come to find out, Fridays would deduct their tips from their paychecks so the only only money they made was their tips!! I wonder how many other restaurants do that!"
From Sidney VanCartier: "Just getting started in planning the next vacation and not real comfortable with the internet and all its hype, is it such a deal to buy something on the internet? Would it be better to just use a travel agent, I mean if their prices were that much higher wouldn't they all be out of business, I guess I am leary putting credit card information in a box and hitting enter for several thousand dollars, any thoughts?"

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