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Take the KLIA express train from the airport into the capital city of Kuala Lumpur for a surprisingly affordable stay at a luxury hotel.
To demonstrate where you can get the most bang for your buck, our index compares the costs of common consumer goods around the globe. This month: Ankara, Macau, Montevideo, Minneapolis and more.
From clubbing in a converted church to hanging out in Venice after dark, the authors of "MTV Europe" discuss their experiences checking out the nightlife scenes in Amsterdam, Rome, Munich and more of Europe's hottest cities.
If you don't pay attention to airline luggage limits, you're going to get socked with excess baggage fees that will leave you feeling stuck in the chimney. Here's a guide to help you follow the airlines' baggage rules.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Venice
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Reader's Voice
From mwiars: "I am going to squeeze a full day stopover in Rome during an extended trip to Europe this summer with my family."
From oregonmike: "I know I sound pitiful but that's how I feel. I need to clear my head after being dumped and maybe travel is my best bet."
From Mapper71: "My fiance is flying from Seattle to Madison, WI to visit me on Jan 25-Jan 30. He was going to by a ticket yesterday, but prices went up about $80 over the weekend from $325 to $402."
From Michael Quartz: "The Pendolino (leaning-into-curves) train from Milan through Switzerland to Stuttgart is having mechanical problems so often that the Swiss and the Germans are getting fed up."
From mark newman: "We see tickets to Paris from Minneapolis for $300 about $420 with taxes and such, on BEST-AIR.net. Is this site legit?"

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