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We're taking a little break over the holidays, but please enjoy these popular columns and messages from past issues.
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We love it when we meet people who are purely good guys -- they've got no other motive than making people happy through travel.
As the dollar falls, there are still places where you can get more bang for your American buck.
With the fantastic success of the Lords of the Rings movies, New Zealand is now billing itself as Middle Earth, with good effect. At least two tour operators have low-priced packages for us mere mortals who want to visit the sites where the films were made, from as low as $999 for seven nights. And at that price, these packages are selling out fast.
f you like togetherness, you'll fall in love with Walt Disney World Resort's newest hotel, all 2,880 rooms of it. Called the Pop Century Resort, this "value hotel" opened on December 14, 2003, with rooms starting at just $77 to $124 per night.
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Iguazu Falls
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Reader's Voice
From Robyn Ludwig: "I am a Canadian citizen and I was scheduled to fly down to San Diego this month to visit a friend. However, I was detained at the US Customs and Immigration Department and denied entry into the country, as I did not meet the requirements for a 'visitor for pleasure purposes' because I live with my family and I am currently unemployed. I was considered 'an illegal immigrant not in possession of a valid visa.'"
From Bonnie Weissman: "Hi, I just returned from Italy, had a wonderful time, and have a few suggestions."
From P. Thomas: "My husband and I and our two children, a daughter age 10 and and a son age 14, recently returned from 17 days on our own in Australia, including Sydney, northen Queensland, Darwin/Kakadu National Park, Bondi Beach. Here are our suggestions for do¿s and don¿ts for families (and others!) based on our experiences:"
From Sharon Perez: "Does anyone know of any airline or travel agent or anybody that gives discounts to people that are disabled?"
From Marilyn Mullner: "My question is: what is the best way to go about changing money? I have heard about using ATM's but I also heard that they charge $3 to $8 or more per transaction. Traveler's checks? I've heard that banks are reluctant to take them. Good old US dollars? Help, time is running out and I'm confused."

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