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We're taking a brief break for the holidays, so today we're running articles that have previously appeared in the Frommers.com Newsletter.
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Intrepid traveler John DiScala visits the island nation for a sustainable development tour, a music festival and more.
The Eternal City is eternally changing. Here's a rundown of new hotels, restaurants, sights and more.
These events, running from November through February each year, attract tens of thousands of tourists looking for a little edification to supplement their beach bumming.
Learning about other cultures and experiencing the world's diversity first hand are the essence of international travel. Nowhere is that more true than with a volunteer vacation.
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Reader's Voice
From CMac: "Just wondering what your thoughts are on this subject. Many times over the years I have been approached on the plane to switch seats with another passenger to allow family members or friends to sit together (all these times I was travelling alone). Most of the time I switched seats only to end up with a less comfortable one. I have found that most people were gracious when their request was denied, but others gave me the evil eye for the whole flight!"
From Steph Blumensaat: "My husband and I are leaving for Paris on December 1 for a week. We need cheap places to eat and I mean CHEAP not $20US a meal each. We are happy with plain simple food. (I know, it's a sin when in Paris.) I heard eating at the cafeteria in the hospitals and universities are options -- anyone tried this? What about department store cafeterias and, if so, which ones?"
From Maggiemay" "I have a group of 20 people who normally travel to the islands in January. We are concerned that since the hurricanes this season, the resorts and the islands will not be fully recovered to permit a trip. There is little information on the web about this. Is there a way to find out how recovered an island is without relying on a travel agent here in the States?"
From CD Flack: "I will be stopping in Vegas on a driving trip. Has anyone had experience walking into a Strip hotel and asking for a room? Do they discount room rates if they have rooms left to rent late in the day? What are your best tips for saving on hotel rates in Vegas?"
From Marti Wivell: "My husband and I just returned from more than a week in Iceland. We loved it! Iceland is a rugged, awesome country. As my husband said, everywhere you look there is something diferent to amaze you. We utilized Iceland Airs cheap seats and arranged in advance for a car rental."

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