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Flyers should arrive at airports hours in advance and expect confusing security arrangements while the government sorts things out in the wake of a passenger's attempt to light an incendiary device aboard a Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.
This was supposed to be a feel-good column where readers share what presents they wanted from the travel industry. Then readers shared their not so warm and fuzzy thoughts.
From Vegas to Sydney to Rio and more: Here's how 7 major cities ring in the new year.
Seeing a Broadway show is a must for anyone visiting New York City. But you should step away from its klieg lights now and then to see more of what the region has to offer.
Renting a car -- especially at the last minute and/or from an airport -- can be an expensive proposition. This week's smart deal comes just in time for the holidays: rentals from Hotwire that start as low as $7.95.
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Reader's Voice
From Pinkie: "Other than lava viewing what else is there to do in Hawaii? We'll be traveling with a six year old boy who likes adventure and loves to learn new things, especially anything related to science."
From maxv23: "We would be staying at an all inclusive, but would love to explore the area, history, museums, culture, that sort of thing."
From Shelleyc1215: "Looking to have an active experience. I'm also looking to try surfing, have a couple days to relax on the beach, and unwind at night with great dinners and drinks."
From JFrancisco: "Now I'm looking for recommendations for accomodations, restaurants and other food/wine activities, and any kid-friendly activities/ideas."
From kit1049: "I am planning on going backpacking around Europe for three months and am unsure how much money I should save before leaving."

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