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We're taking a little break over the holidays, but please enjoy these popular columns and messages from past issues.
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Just like Lord of the Rings has been a boon for New Zealand tourism, the chick flick, Under the Tuscan Sun, has equally been a shot in the arm for Tuscany. We raked up a pile of winter getaways and even some for next spring and fall to get you there affordably.
Winter's arrival heralds the return of the popular Philly Overnight promotion giving you a 50% savings on more than 70 participating hotels.
I love New York so much that I had to share it with someone, so I signed up to be a Big Apple Greeter, a free, volunteer don't-call-me-a-tour-guide who walks tourists around neighborhoods and talks about the city. And several other cities offer similar programs free for the asking.
Amtrak's secret discount codes help you knock big bucks off the price of rail fares. They're taking a but of a break for the holidays, but there's still one code that can slash fares on the railroad's most popular trains.
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Frommer's readers weigh in on their experiences flying new kid on the budget block, Song Airlines.
From Linda Maddox: "At 45 years old, and 25+ years of work, I'm tired and burned out. I am considering taking a 6 month sabbatical from work and traveling out west. My thought is to rent an RV, take the dog, and go. Has anyone done this or have any recommendations; particularly any women who have done this on their own? Thanks!"
From Brendan MacDonald: "I recently noticed in one of the Frommer's Newsletters that Out & About does not have a single supplement (the bane of my life). I am a straight man who would very much like to avoid the single supplement. Would it be possible/advisable for me to go on a gay trip? I don't care about anyone's sex life, but about all I know about the gay lifestyle comes from watching Will and Grace. Any information or thoughts will be greatly appreciated."
From Colleen Nilson: "My husband and I have booked a trip to Kauai for Christmas. I will be 7 months pregnant at the time, and I'm somewhat concerned about having trouble boarding the aircraft. We'll be flying both American Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. According to their websites, I will be well within the 'acceptable' range of pregnancy to fly. However, I have heard of gate agents refusing to board visibly pregnant women."
From Dave C.: "I have noticed more and more hotels and resorts tacking on 'resort fees' that can be anywhere from $10 to 10% of your rate. If you actually notice this and ask the property, they say the fees are for the privilege of using the pool, fitness center, tennis courts, etc, even if you don't plan on using them."

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