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While we're out enjoying our holiday break, we hope you enjoy these previously published columns and readers' posts from our 2004 Frommers.com Newsletters.
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Check in with JJ for some more South Pacific island hopping.
Unfortunately there is no simple solution to traveling with infants under two years old. Individual airlines have specific rules and regulations, and there really isn't one established practice. We've done the research and come up with a few suggestions.
Edinburgh and Glasgow continue to be the two most dynamic centers in Scotland. Edinburgh has added the title of world literature capital to its already strong cultural credentials, while Glasgow is riding high on the reflected glory of producing the hottest UK band of recent memory: Franz Ferdinand.
It has a language of its own, a growing capital city with a huge arts scene, and a coastline to rival any other in Europe. When it comes to beauty, scenery, gorgeous waters and reasonable prices, Portugal, with cosmopolitan Lisbon and the cliffs of the Algarve, remains an extremely popular, affordable and diverse vacation spot.
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Reader's Voice
From D Belk: "One thing I'd suggest to take along is a wash cloth. For some reason you won't find them (my experience) in either London or Paris hotels. They are pretty small and light. We take two each for my wife and myself. That gives a day for the last one used to be rinsed and dried."
From Michelle Moran: "I am interested in purchasing an electronic translator for English to German, preferably a very slim handheld that will also pronouce the words. Does anyone have recommendations as to brand or other experience with handheld translators, positive or negative, that you would be willing to share?"
From vicki nuckolls: "Can you recommend a reputable agency that helps facilitate house swapping? I travel every year with my family and it would be wonderful to live in a home for our holiday rather than hotels, hostels, or B & B's. Not to mention the savings! Thanks!"
From Karen Wheeler: "I am a buyer for a new bookstore in Central New York and want to add some useful travel items like travel alarm clocks, compasses, book lights, etc. My question is what are the travel items you can't do without? Or what items are just fun to use? I would appreciate your help from both an adult's and children's perceptives. Thanks!"
From Dan Pridgen: "It seems I contantly run across the word 'touristy' when reading the message boards. Many people seem to denigrate the concept of 'tourist' as opposed to 'traveler.' I have been taking trips both domestically and abroad for about 35 years and find there seems to be an elitist element out there. These individuals appear to consider certain areas, restaurants, activities, etc. to be somehow beneath them. The reason seems to be simply because they are regarded as 'touristy.' These individuals appear to hold the belief that travel must somehow rise to some unspecified level of acceptance and conform to unspoken and unlisted rules that classify the experience as meaningful travel rather than tourism."

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