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Best of Italy Photo Gallery: From Tuscan villas to Palermo's streets, view or post your favorite images of one of the world's most photographed destinations.
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The city's 49 square miles are among the U.S.'s most densely populated urban spaces. Not to worry: They offer many ways to take in one of the most beautiful -- and eminently walkable -- cities in the world.
Hotels.com is welcoming the new year by helping hotels across North America and the Caribbean fill beds with cuts in prices of up to 30%.
When our traveler arrives in Grenada, he's told he needs a local permit along with the international license he already has. Should his agency refund the price of the license? And what's the deal with International Driving Permits, anyway?
The economic crisis, which has slashed the value of British currency and raised the value of the U.S. dollar, has just resulted in a major travel opportunity from Virgin Vacations.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: San Francisco streetcar
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Reader's Voice
From debg60: "We're looking to travel around for one week but we want to find someplace where we can just relax and enjoy ourselves in one place for another week. Any seaside or ocean side resort ideas?"
From Billvack: "We are two adults and two children (ages 9 and 11) traveling to Germany for the first time this coming summer."
From : "Does anyone have experience with either of these companies, The Traveller or Mountain Travel Sobek? I'm considering using one or the other for a trip next year."
From Kithing: "My family will be leaving soon and wondered what would be the best clothes to bring. We will be in the Central Valley most of the two weeks. We will be hiking, biking and rafting most of the time."
From tedder: "The all-inclusive that we will stay at is great but you don't experience Jamaica that way. I also was wondering if there is any cheap free reggae music festivals or jazz going on."

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