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Editor's Note
It's the holidays, so we're taking a little break ourselves here at Frommers.com. Today's Newsletter features articles we've published throughout the past year.
Deals and News
Running through January 31, 2003, you can get a room in any of four participating hotels for only $29.95 per night. No kidding. These are 300-to-a-1000-plus-room hotels conveniently located just minutes away from the attractions family go to Orlando to see in the first place (Disneyworld, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Cypress Gardens--if you've got kids, you know the list), only now it's going to be so much cheaper, since these rooms usually run a minimum $69.95 per night.
Fearful of traveling to places where they don't speak your language? Here are two outfits that turn that weakness into a strength. The first allows you to travel to places where you'll be taught a foreign language (native to the teachers, foreign to you). The second, in somewhat of a reverse, allows you to travel to teach a foreign language (native to you--it's English, foreign to them--they'reth Spanish).
Here are three things we know about our readers; they love affordable travel, they love learning and they love good food. Here's something else we know; you can combine all three by spending a week at the Mexican Home Cooking School just outside of Tlaxcala, Mexico. If visions of Taco Bell and Chi-Chis just crossed your mind, think again. This is decidedly authentic and time-tested; the cuisine is a peppery blend of indigenous cultures (Olmec, Mayan and Aztec) sprinkled with the colonial flavors of the French and Spanish.
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Reader's Voice
From Jack Sigano: "We were on the (so called) virus plagued Holland America Amsterdam. While some people did get the bug, over 95% DID NOT. The media overplayed the entire story. There were many people on the ship in their 90s who fared just fine. It is easy to protect yourself."
From Bill Belding: "Has anyone checked out the Delta frequent flier changes where you only earn 50% mileage towards status if you get a standard early purchase or last minute travel reduced fare ticket? They have adjusted to reward higher paying business travel and done little for regular cost conscious fliers. I hope the other airlines don't penalize this large group of consumers."
From Sara Erdman: "Hello! I recently ran across Intrepid Travel's web site and am considering one of their Egypt tours. However, I know very little about the company other than what I have seen on their web site, so I am looking for some first-hand recommendations. Has anyone out there traveled with Intrepid, particularly to Egypt?"
From Humble: "Can someone give me a rough estimate of the cost of flying from NY and staying pretty close to the park. I am not a millionaire and our budget is limited. We wanted to stay over a weekend in January or February."
From Donna Cuervo: "An article in Sunday's NY Times Travel Section confirmed rumors I'd been hearing: After January 1, you will no longer be allowed to lock your checked luggage. It will need to be easily opened by security officials out of your sight."

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