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We're taking a little break over the holidays, but please enjoy these popular columns and messages from past issues.
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Addicted to the Internet? Don't worry. It's understandable. When I'm on vacations, I use the Net to book hotels, look for restaurants, answer e-mail and check the news. My wife likes to update her blog from the road. Since we last printed a column on this topic in May, we've been turned on to several excellent sources for finding free Wi-Fi access -- high-speed, wireless Internet access that you can tap into with a properly equipped laptop or handheld computer.
It happens all the time: you see a great deal, a terrific deal, an impossible deal. But it's from Joe Schmo Travel, which you've never heard of. How can you figure out whether Joe is a pro, or whether he's just a schmo -- and you're getting ripped off?
Magnificent Quebec City, its once-fortified walls still circling cozily about you, holds its festive 50th Annual Winter Carnival starting this January 30 and lasting through February 15.
In addition to the regular year-round insurance available, you can now buy short-term coverage for as little as seven days, and get the use of an international cell phone as an added bonus with its new extended plan.
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From smitty west: "Anyone know of other good Ireland web sites to help with trip planning?"
From Jordan: "I am looking for an excellent Spanish immersion program. there are so many out there. I need to be able to speak Spanish, and basicly have no skills, except some minimal ones to get by. Has anyone taken one of these courses or does anyone have advice on who is the best? Thanks!"
From Robert Tosh: "I'm a happily single guy interested in solo or solitary travel and I'm not finding too many resources out there. I am not interested in 'singles' travel, not interested in tours (especially if I have to share a room with anyone), and not scared off by the dreaded single supplement (while hoping that in some places it doesn't apply). I like to travel to experience new cultures, totally on my own -- and the occasional R&R trip to a deserted beach wouldn't be bad either. Any Web resources out there that I should check out?"
From Jennifer Edwards: "Just returned from 6 day trip and stayed at the Vendome, a basic hotel, very clean with an excellent breakfast buffet and a knowledgeable and helpful receptionist. Here are some tips for your visit."
From Donna Cuervo: "People should realize that their ticket entitles them to one seat. Years ago, people were pleasant to their seatmates often chatting briefly before sinking into their book or headphones. People nowadays seem to feel cheated if they do not get an extra seat to use as a table for their stuff. I'd like an empty seat next to me too, but I don't think it's appropriate to get hostile toward my seatmate when I don't get one."

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