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Editor's Note
While we're out enjoying our holiday break, we hope you enjoy these previously published columns and readers' posts from our 2004 Frommers.com Newsletters.
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Leaving Taveuni, Johnny heads to Savasavu for some water sports and resort life.
If you're planning a trip to Seattle in the near future, you've probably already discovered that Frommer's Seattle is an invaluable planning tool. Here, in this online update to our book, you'll find recent changers, information on seasonal deals, and other up-to-the-minute information.
Sure, this newsletter is the best place online to find low fares, great deals and travel tips. But we're not arrogant enough to think this is the only place you should look. For a truly comprehensive look at all the travel deals and news going on, bookmark these sites.
Some of the money you save on the great travel bargains can be lost when you park your car at the airport. We've scoured around for prices on parking that will help you save even more before you leave the ground.
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Reader's Voice
From joanie smith: "We've been in Prague for two days and we've been robbed twice. First I had my wallet lifted right out of my purse at St Vitus Cathedral on Sunday. On Monday my husband fell for the oldest Prague scam in the book -- the plainclothes 'cop' who demands to see identity and then helps himself to whatever cash is in your wallet. We already know how stupid we were. Every mistake that could possibly be made in the last two days -- well we made them all. Here is my problem: My confidence is gone. I just want to go home and never go anywhere else again. We love to travel. I had anticipated spending our retirement years going everywhere, Now I don't feel that I can go anywhere. Can anyone tell me how to get over this?"
From Paul Woz: "This will be a first time trip to Europe (Vienna) in July 2005. I will be leaving from Los Angeles and I am wondering if it is best to book a flight now or wair for price reductions in the near future? Do airlines discount prices, say, after the 1st of the year?"
From Jean McGuane: "We recently returned from Ireland after a week's vacation, and it is now clear what the Irish told us: Ireland is the most expensive country in the EU. We stayed mostly on the West Coast, County Clare, County Kerry, and even into County Cork. I lived in Dingle for a summer in 1980, and have been going to Ireland about every two years. We were just there two years ago, and it was like night and day. It used to be that you could go into a pub and have 2 fish and chips and two pints for about $22. Now, that price is closer to $50."
From John Tighe: "While traveling through Italy on bus # 11 on Sunday November 7, my wallet was lifted at the train station stop. The bus was packed, the driver kept jerking the bus around, and it was hard to hold on. I could feel hands by my front pocket, but as the bus lunged to a stop I took my hand away to keep balance and -- bingo! -- he had it and off to the races he went."
From Yvonne Koslowsky: "We recently went swimming with the dolphins in the British Virgin Islands -- what a treat! The group was small only 10 people and it was upclose and personal. The fee was $149 (US) and well worth every penny of it. We spent a full hour in the water with the dolphins. Now, I even know the commands!"

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