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It's all I really want to say in my final "That's Ridiculous!" column. Don't. Be. A. Jerk.
What were the chief travel trends of 2012? I count at least eight of them.
This year's top films beckon travelers to follow the trails of James Bond, a boy and a tiger, a ginger-haired princess, a troop of boy scouts, a cheating wife, an alien with acid for blood, and a dead president. These are the movies that made you think, "I want to go there."
Sometimes it's hard to grade a new vessel when it's fresh out of the box, but not this time: On every level, Reflection is one of the very finest megaships at sea.
We've got more culture than a yogurt shop, the top restaurants in the nation, and the world's best (and sexiest) baseball team -- GO GIANTS! Here are five things you didn't know about Don't-Call-It-Frisco.
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The Golden Gate Bridge as seen from underneath at Fort Point. The Golden Gate Bridge as seen from underneath at Fort Point.
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Reader's Voice
From PHeymont: "We were at the Hopper exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris this afternoon. Wonderful and comprehensive, including a slideshow of dozens of the magazine covers he did for a living before being able to survive on painting."
From P. Weber: "Earlier this week a rock and mud slide closed California state highway 1, the famous Coast Highway, near Big Sur. Fortunately the California Department of Transportation is working hard at clearing the slide and expect to open the road shortly to controlled traffic through the slide area. I've said it to the drive by posters before and I'll say it again -- it is important to check road conditions before setting out on that Great American Road Trip."
From ruby60: "If you had a week in NYC would you prefer to stay in Union Square area vs Astoria, Queens? First time to NYC, planning on hitting all the tourist attractions plus taking a number of tours out of Grand Central! Also flying in and out of LaGuardia."
From EJMinnie: "I'm wondering if anyone has any family-friendly must-dos/must-sees in La Paz to share? We're a family of 5 (kids ages 15, 7, and 4) and we have a 2 solid days in La Paz in April. Kids are active and do a good job rolling with the punches, but they particularly love the water and wildlife. Even a great beach (maybe one that's off the radar a bit) recommendation would be most welcomed."

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