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U.S. parks are getting ready for busy season with great deals and lots of activities. And there are still several pre-rush specials available to entice early bookers.
It was a long time in coming, but when Congress finally passed the massive Omnibus Public Lands Bill of 2009 late in March it extended enormous protections for public lands in general and the National Park System specifically.
It's one of the nation's most visited parks, but that doesn't mean you're going to be overwhelmed with the crowds: over 95% of visitors visit less than 4% of the park. How to make the rest of it yours.
Which is the best national park in the Lower 48 to view wildlife? There's more than one place in the National Park System where you can feel like you're on a safari.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Rocky Mountain National Park
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Reader's Voice
From 2sunfish3 : "We're planning a trip to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. We don't plan to walk down the canyon."
From albtraveler: "If I've read correctly, the last time Mt. Redoubt erupted it went on for months. We're doing an independent trip. Fly into Sitka, Juneau, Glacier Bay and then Anchorage. We'll then be spending time on the Kenai peninsula and heading to Denali."
From kklammers: "Would like to do the trip in ten days if possible but could do 14 if necessary. I would love suggestions as to how to best do this trip. Should we stay in one place at each park and travel during the day?:
From georgeisf: "He loves nature so he will do anything. We are staying two nights at the Old Faithful Lodge, two nights at Yellowstone lodge and three nights at Roosevelt Lodge."

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