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All you need to enjoy these day-long trips are a good pair of shoes and the willingness to sweat a little.
The horseshoe-shaped amphitheaters of dazzling colors that make up this small national park have been depicted in hundreds of movies, photographs and the like, but nothing can beat being there -- preferably alone or with just a friend or two -- taking in the glory of it all.
You could visit a different national park every day for an entire year and still not get to see them all. Here are a few ideas for current deals to get you started, including trips to Denali and the Grand Canyon.
Texas' Big Bend National Park offers numerous possibilities for backpacking, both on established and marked hiking trails and on relatively unmarked hiking routes following washes, canyons, or abandoned rough dirt roads dating from the late 1800s.
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From sbcrow@earthlink.net: "Is it possible to visit all three National Parks, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Glacier in one trip? We are thinking of flying into Jackson Hole and out of Kallispel."
From babraham: "Our group is planning a vacation around some National Park visits and we'd like itinerary suggestions. We are planning for two weeks and the proposed scope follows."
From Eastcoastgal: "We are staying in Moab at the Gonzo in late June for two to three days. We have decided not to do the rafting and need advice on the best way to spend these two days."
From Jennessy: "I am driving over from the San Francisco area with a friend and we want to do lots of hiking/biking in Yosemite. Any ideas on a cheap motel just outside the park, say no longer than a 30 minute drive?"

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