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What happens when managing historic buildings becomes too expensive? In San Francisco, part of Golden Gate Park has been transformed into a pseudo office park.
Because so much of Utah is public land, it makes an ideal getaway for RVers, especially those who enjoy self-contained camping in parklands and the wilderness.
Our country is dotted with some 30 large, historic, self-contained, inland resorts, and during the months of October and November, most of them go into a shoulder season mode of relatively inexpensive prices.
These five islands off the California coast are only 30 or so miles from Santa Barbara, but they are not easy to get to. But they do offer a glorious vista of matchless beauty and a wondrous locale for viewing nature at her best.
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From jmtjbt: "We are planning a road trip west in June of 2008 and plan on seeing many of the National Parks. How far in advance must one make a reservations?"
From bonniegrl: "This is the first time to California for my familyand then Yosemite. How do you we go about making reservations for a half day tour without staying near the park?"
From Patricio: "I am planning to stay 10 days in Alaska in August and I am thinking about where to focus."
From fmfrankm: "My wife and I just reserved a Western Cabin at the north rim for two nights. How are the rooms?"

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