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Fall is on its way, painting its rich, vibrant hues across the national park landscapes of the U.S. What could be better than viewing these kaleidoscopic shows in person?
While many park travelers have a few park-related texts on hand, how might the park aficionado round out his or her library? Here are some suggestions, ranging from bear attacks to desert solitaire.
Cape Hatteras National Seashore is a park that changes constantly thanks to the tides, waves, and currents that provide daily pressure on this narrow ribbon of sand.
Find out where you can pick fall fruit in parks, and where you can hear the odd sound of "bugling" elk.
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Ships in Greece Ships in Greece
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Reader's Voice
From Warren: "I'll be visiting Canyon de Chelly and want to take one of the 4x4 tours into the canyons. Does anyone have recommendations on any that were particularly good, and why?"
From Rachel0525: "I was curious if anyone has gone on a horseback riding trip at the South Rim? I'm trying to figure out the best way to see everything without being stuck in a vehicle the whole time."
From AnneC: "I'm heading to Bozeman with my three year old for four days. Any suggestions on what to do?"
From Andreali1: "I'm torn between Heart Six Ranch up by Yellowstone, which is cheap, and Spotted Horse Ranch near Jackson, which is expensive. I want a clean and safe place where I can spend my days riding."

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