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The appointment of a National Park Service science advisor is a new role for the agency, and one that more than a few folks hope will broaden the Park Service's focus on science.
Operators are adding on free days to multi-day trips on slopes across the continent while more mountains are offering lift ticket packages to nearby slopes.
Winter presents an entirely different view of national parks than visitors experience during spring and summer and lodging is almost always less expensive, as the following offers demonstrate.
No matter how wonderful you think the National Park Service is, the agency can always use a helping hand. And, thankfully, there are groups ready to extend that helping hand.
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Apostle Island National Seashore, Lake Superior, Wisconsin Apostle Island National Seashore, Lake Superior, Wisconsin
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Reader's Voice
From lamapa516: "I have hiked a few times but only had track shoes on, and did not wear hiking boots. Now, I am going to hike the Bright Angel Trail."
From LMB123: "We'd like to rent an RV in Anchorage and drive to Denali. Does anyone have any experience or advice with this type of travel?"
From circusboy: "Also, should we stay in Carate because of its proximity to the park? If so, which lodge/resort?"
From gilmans: "Trying to pull together a ski trip for when the boys are both off school for the winter break. Looking for a combo of family friendly, but lively enough for college student."

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