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They're living, physical presences from a time before we were born, or maybe from our youth. If they've been well maintained, and not ruined by misguided refurbishments, they have few rivals in their ability to help us slip the temporal bonds and imagine ourselves in another world.
Check out the latest on golf-themed outings, special passes to King Tut exhibit in Fort Lauderdale from HAL, WWII and Vietnam oriented itineraries, remote luggage check-in, kosher cruises and more.
As we rack up our ocean odysseys, we learn a little more each time about works best for all of us.
Here are the best deals a handful of major travel agencies are advertising this week.
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Reader's Voice
From dcfrech: "I am going to be travelling to Alaska with my wife and two kids (a boy age 15, and a girl age 17). Obviously, they can't sleep together, and I'm not really interested in boy/boy, girl/girl sleeping arrangements. Will I have to get two cabins, or do any of the cruise lines offer family cabins that include a couple of twin beds, and a double/queen or sofa bed for my wife and I."
From secroft: "Is there any way to get a good deal on a cruise anymore when traveling in the summer months? The only months we can travel is June or July. The last time we cruised, it was late July and we had a near miss with a hurricane. Across the board the prices are the same, plus or minus $100. Any suggestions, or tips would be appreciated."
From E-GUL: "I am taking my family on an eight-day cruise out of San Diego in February. Included in our party is my grandson who will be a big six months old. Obviously my grandson will not be taking up much room nor will he be eating any of the ships food and certainly will not be using any of the ships facilities (not even the bathroom). I am being charged f-u-l-l price for this little guy, while at the same time I am bringing eight people at full price. Is this a rip-off or just piracy? Any ideas or suggestions?"
From nanvan1: "I am looking for information on getting started on one's own from the various ports of call for a Carnival cruise in the Mediterranean next spring. The ship leaves from Civitavechhio then it travels to Naples, Dubrovnik, Venice, Barcelona, Cannes & Livorno."
From Arlene Gunn: "I am interested in taking a river cruise from Prague to Budapest in May 06. Does anyone have any suggestions on which cruise line is the best?"

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