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Here's some of the best deals a handful of major travel agencies are advertising this week.
Planning an Alaska cruise or cruisetour this year? Here's a word of advice. Book it now or you may be out of luck. If that sounds like something the cruise operators say every year, be assured -- it has never been more valid than in 2005.
In this edition, we report on top destinations for cruising, a port to be in Brooklyn, onboard comedy acts, sports cruises, adventure expeditions and more.
Today, everything in travel costs an arm and a leg: hotels, restaurants, tours -- everything. Except cruises.
Why buy the bottle and break the bank, when you can buy just a glass? Look to 3- and 4-day sails on smaller, more expensive ships to see what you're missing.
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Frommer's: The Best Trips Start in Venice
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Reader's Voice
From RNE: "Finding any discount agency for a cruise is becoming problematic, given Royal Caribbean's attempt to restrain free trade by not allowing agencies to give discounts. This has got to constitute illegal restraint of trade. What say you sailing lawyers out there?"
From rubbercow: "Good day fellow cruisers! Attached is my October 30th adventure on board NCL Norwegian Sea, a dinghy in dire need of retirement. I have cruised on other lines, and this is our first complaint letter. My travel agent also received numerous complaints along the same line as my own. Understandably, an old ship like the Sea will have a few idiosyncrasies that might need to be ignored, but it seemed almost like the ship was on its last leg at any given moment."
From jenn911oregon: "I am planning on getting married on a cruise December 3, 2005, in the Caribbean. I am hoping for any and all advice anyone can provide as far as the best island to choose, the best beach, who to officiate the event and what I need to consider for planning it right. Thanks!"
From Andrew Doukas: "I cruise as a dance host on several cruise lines, and am always shocked at how carelessly passengers board and disembark from the tender boats. So far I have seen a broken hip, two broken arms, head injuries and many deep bruises. Always hold on to something solid until you are seated!"
From Viv Weinman: "We will be taking a cruise on the Maasdam next June that has quite a packed itinerary -- 5 ports in 7 days. We will be stopping at Bar Harbor, Halifax Nova Scotia, Sydney NS, Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, and Quebec City. Since we're not sure we want to do 5 land excursions in that short a period of time, I was wondering, in your experience, what would be the best ports to see?"

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