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You can find yourself squeezing onto sweaty buses and shuffling with the masses to some over-crowded attraction; Europe's top spots are jammed with tourists in the summer. Is there a better way? Sure is -- if you're willing to pay the price.
One outfit has just begun offering the cruise industry's only all-kosher experience aboard Windstar's motor-sail vessel Wind Surf, one of the most attractive ships in the Caribbean.
Here's where you'll find recent itinerary changes, new launches, continuing bankruptcy sagas and more.
You've seen the ads: healthy thirty- and forty-somethings kayaking through crystal water, hiking on a glacier, or climbing up a sheer rock face, then sipping wine on deck as the sun goes down. The thing is, it isn't all just hype.
Cruise lines, consolidators and travel agents deem January and February "the Wave:" that period when most bookings take place and berths on ships fill up for trips for the remainder of the year. We've got plenty of bargains on our slate this week; it's up to you to take advantage of them before they're gone.
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Reader's Voice
From Grain Gal: "Our family has just returned from sailing onboard the RCL Radiance. I had a very nasty fall on the Windjammer deck leaving me with a concussion, sprained ankle and a sore back. I was left to lay for 45 minutes on deck (it was raining!), and the staff pulled me upright to a seated position without thinking about my neck/head injuries. The safety officer later admitted the deck had no slip resistant covering, nor were my shoes to blame."
From Darryl P.: "Thinking about taking a cruise on my own down to Mexico or the Caribbean, preferably out of New Orleans since it wouldn't cost me too much. Would a single guy in his 30s have the opportunity for fun on his own, to meet likeminded people on a particular cruise, or not? People who have already gone on Carnival say I should wait to go with a friend instead but I'm checking my options."
From E.Merrill: "While I have had a lot of experience in booking airline tix and hotels via the Internet, I'm not sure if booking a cruise online is the way I should go. Could any of you seasoned cruisers share with me your experiences and preferences on booking cruises?"
From Pat Long: "We have always preferred late seating on cruises. Now the big thing seems to be freestyle or personal choice dining. How has that option worked for people who have tried it especially on Princess? Do you like the time flexibility? Do you miss having a waiter who gets to know you?"
From Elwyn Tomlinson: "My husband and I have won a Silverseas Cruise to the Mediterranean. We have narrowed our choices down to two possibilities. We have never travelled to Europe, so it will all be new and exciting. I would love to hear from people who have visited these locations. In your opinion, which cruise would be nicer? Also, we will be making our own air arrangements. Which of these would result in less expensive airfare and/or land transfers? Thanks! I look forward to hearing your replies."

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