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Silverseas cuts rates up to 50% off most itineraries, Cruise Members Only cuts out the $50 membership fee for Frommers.com readers, plus oodles of cruises on sale -- proving yet again that cruise vacations still offer the best value for your travel dollar.
If you can spare the dough, now's the time to go and explore Southeast Alaska's gorgeous fjords, glaciers, and forests. Here's what a handful of experts say about what to book, when to book and why they love our 50th state so darn much.
As everyone knows by now, the bottom fell out of the cruise industry in September, and although the esteemed Cunard has not fallen to the bargain-basement levels that its rough-and-tumble competition Carnival and Royal Caribbean are stooping to, official rates have dropped to the lowest level in memory all the same. It's now possible to take an oceangoing trip of a lifetime for a three-digit price: $945.
On March 21, a phalanx of pageant contestants will converge on MSC Cruises' Orchestra, where they'll compete in the "Miss Italia USA 2009" finals of the Miss Italia nel Mondo contest.
Denied boarding -- boarding in Miami, of all places -- was recently the fate of a number of passengers embarking on a Carnival cruiseship that was leaving on a cruise to South America, on which one of the stops was in Brazil.
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From tigerabbit: "We will be in Le Harve, France in April and are thinking of taking the shore excursion to Mont St. Micheal. Has anyone taken it or are there better options?"
From rms1: "Given all the unrest and uncertainty in the world and knowing we are about to spend 117 days on the high seas, what would you advise a friend taking his 87 year old mom?"
From ricki: "Looking for tour operators, apart from Celebrity transatlantic cruise ship, in the following ports for April."
From cjlakey: "We are cruising Greece in July. How easy is it to get to town sites from the cruise ship ports, particularly in Rhodes, Mykonos and Santorini. Have read some blogs that say Lindos is not worth going to."

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