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From a quickie 2-day outing from the west coast to a more serious adventure down to Antarctica, we've found the cheapest deals to get you where you want to go on the water.
Provide a basic ship with basic amenities and a la carte dining, and focus on destinations during an ultra-flexible port-a-day itinerary -- with a twist.
Learn about new routes into Asia and the South Pacific, a look at the steadily rising number cruisers per year, immerse yourself with Jewish heritage outing and more in the latest roundup.
Carrying fewer than 100 passengers, these vessels run the gamut from rustic schooners to modern vessels built to sail narrow passages such as the Erie Canal. Low-key and casual, their experience concentrates on historic towns, scenic beauty, and pure relaxation.
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British Virgin Islands
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Reader's Voice
From WareCruisin: "I just read Frommer's updated Pride of Aloha review, and I have to respectfully disagree. I recently took a seven-day cruise around the Hawaiian Islands aboard Norwegian's Pride of Aloha. Although I loved Hawaii, the more time spent off the ship, the better. Pride of Aloha is just not up to the standards I am used to on Royal Caribbean. In fact, some of it was really bad."
From Karen Gilbert: "This is our first cruise to Hawaii and our first time visiting Hawaii. We're booked on the Island Princess in April. Are we better off using the ship's excursions or renting a car and travel around on our own? I'm concerned about getting back to the ship on time. Your comments are appreciated."
From Len3: "Is it best to book with the cruiseline and what should not be missed? Are there any dog sled tours of the glacier that don't involve a helicopter ride?"
From thomasmillea: "HAL says in its "Before you go" booklet that a limited number of wheelchairs are availible for the disabled on board its ships. When you arrive in your cabin, you discover that they have changed their method of making wheelchairs availible -- they now rent these for $125 a week. There is no notice before you sail. It's best not to trust HAL and bring your own wheelchair or walker."
From Sharon Johnston: "We just returned from a Yangtze River cruise on Victoria Katarina, but they have several ships. We have done this twice, with different ships (both good). Victoria is an American owned cruise line while Viking is not, if that is of some interest in supporting our own economy. Viking was about $600 more and of course the less expensive rooms are sold out so it could be worse, while on Victoria ships all the rooms are the same. The trip was great, good ports, good food, good lectures, etc."

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