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We've dug into and sorted through scads of sales currently being offered and picked out the best including discounts for couples celebrating tenth anniversaries, $99 add-on airfare for China cruises and a looong list of marked-down itineraries from several online consolidators.
Cruise expert Heidi Sarna examines the new ocean liner from stem to stern.
Riding the wave of ever-increasing number of passengers, New York looks to create a berth in Brooklyn and renovate its existing passenger terminals.
Ports keep growing to contend with swelling numbers of passengers, itineraries are reconfigured and new health trends continue to enliven the cruise industry. We report on it all in this cruise news round-up.
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Cruise into The Bahamas
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Reader's Voice
From Jim Berkson: "I've been to Fiji twice, and it's my favorite place on the planet. I'm thinking about taking a cruise during my next visit. There are two companies that have cruises: Blue Lagoon and Captain Cook. It's very hard to find any good info (especially reviews) about either on the web, so I've got a bunch of questions."
From Susan Makrauer: "Does anyone have suggestions for a cruise over the Thanksgiving holiday? We would like to depart from San Juan. We are traveling with three teenagers who are 15, 16 and 18 and my father-in-law, who is 80 and has some trouble walking. Thanks for any input!"
From Smith Aaron: "Senior citizen recovering from pneumonia may have to have supplemental oxygen during cruise. Does anyone have a similar need or experience. I'm also looking for experience with flying to get to port of embarcation? All experience sharing would be appreciated!"
From kim nelson: "My family is cruising to St. Petersburg this summer. We have rented a van with driver and guide for 2 days. Any suggestions on sights to see or combinations of sights would be great."
From chris henderson: "I'm looking for feedback from people who cruise regularly as to which cruise line has the best affinity program for repeat passengers. We've now done 10 cruises on 5 different lines and want some insight as to which would be best to travel more often. Also, any tips on getting free upgrades once we're booked or is it just chance? Thanks!"

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