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Attention neat-freaks: "Serenity" is the ship for you. Last week it was on the receiving end of a surprise inspection by Health Canada. The result? A perfect 100% score.
This week, cruise specialty agents pull out a raft-load of deals to lure in in first-time cruisers and veterans alike.
Portland, Oregon is a city known for rain, fleece clothing, strong coffee, sustainability initiatives, a remarkably advanced restaurant scene, and, most of all, beer.
European itineraries have gained a new-found popularity in the past few years. And with this popularity comes improved access; including more shore excursions and the increased availability of accessible transportation in many European ports.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Portland, OR
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Reader's Voice
From dalila: "Which of the two offer the best overall experience for the best price?"
From StanTravel: "We are on an Oceania cruise where the shore excursions are $160-$220 for two people. We have often found we enjoy a private guide."
From TardyKat: "I will be celebrating a birthday onboard the Ruby Princess on the second evening of the cruise. My travel agent has put in the request for this celebration."
From Peral: "They are offering a 2 for 1 deal and my in-laws might want to try them. They feel comfortable knowing they don't have to have formal wear but are worried they won't fit in with some of the other travelers."
From marilee12: "We are planning on using a private guide in Rome and taxi driver/guide in Athens, so they can get to as many sites as possible. Would you suggest any other guides for the other ports?"

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