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I recently read a cruise line ad that described Nassau and St. Thomas as "exotic." That's like calling Taco Bell exotic. If you're looking for something really exotic, though, you're going to have to dig a lot deeper.
Read on for details on deals that take you to Tahiti, across Central America, along the Ohio River and to just about every port in the world.
We've the latest on European itineraries for Carnival, low-priced outings on the Crystal Harmony before she retires, National Geographic photography tours and more.
By design, cruises are surpremely convenient. The ultimate antidote to our over-worked, stressed-out, uber-scheduled lives, a cruise is just plain easy. Unpack once. Ports come to you. Meals, entertainment and activities for all ages at your fingertips. What else do you need to know? Just a few things, really.
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Reader's Voice
From nanadeb: "My husband and I were put off a Royal Caribbean cruise right at the start because he had a fever. They were afraid he might infect the ship. I had no fever. I was put off because I might get sick. It turned out that he had picked up a blood infection from an open scratch while gardening. He was not infectious, and I never got sick. According to the cruise line folks at customer service, they have the right to do this without any refund, cruise voucher or any other compensation."
From lbp1126: "We are taking the Celebrity Galaxy July 4 cruise from Rome. Would appreciate suggestions for tours from all ports and in Rome after the cruise. Would also be interested in sharing private tours with one or two couples. Please let us know if you will be taking this cruise or have any other info."
From klk5478: "I am booking an October 05 cruise on the Caribbean Princess and have no clue how to pick a good cabin. I would like a good one -- not one I am going to hate. What are the strategies? Are there any websites that have info on which cabins to pick and which to avoid? We are currently looking at a Jr. Suite for 2 people."
From mkjeld: "We are booked on a cruise May 27, will be our third cruise. I've always sailed mid-ship before, this time, somehow we got cabins very aft. Wondering if I should request a change or if I am worrying for no reason. RC Vision Deck 7. Any suggestions?"
From btodd: "We're taking a Celebrity cruise to Alaska next month. Has anyone had any problems bringing a bottle of vodka or a bottle wine on board?"

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