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Save on Alaska, the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea, and the Indian Ocean, or hop aboard a transatlantic crossing from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale for even more savings.
Everything you need to know about onboard life in order to make yourself look -- and feel -- smarter on your next cruise.
Two travelers miss their cruise because of flight delays. Will they get any money back for a ruined vacation?
Use this guide to help calculate if a drinks package -- or à la carte pricing for bottled water, sodas, and alcohol -- makes more financial sense for your cruise.
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 Cruise ship departing New York Cruise ship departing New York
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Reader's Voice
From VikiOnTour: "My husband has set his heart on going on a cruise, but I suffer bad motion sickness. What can I do? Ive looked up medications, but there are so many with side effects."
From tmc111: "My husband and I are looking into taking an Alaskan cruise. What are the best cruise lines and ships? When is the best time of year to take the cruise? Any other tips?"
From travelthroughmyeyes: "My husband and I love to travel and have been many places but for the last 20 years I have been wanting to visit Tahiti and her Society Islands."
From Jason Clampet: "We know that lines throw in credits, upgrades, and other incentives to get you to cruise, but what are some great examples of on-board kindness that have really made a difference to you?"

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