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As usual, we've plumbed the depths to come up with a hefty roster of the best bargains for cruise vacations currently available. Surely you'll find something to suit your taste: you can head off to the wilds of Alaska, dive in the Caribbean, skirt along the coast of Europe and more!
We've got seven pithy items to keep you up to date on the latest happenings across the cruise industry. Get the skinny on new low-carb menus, take advantage of Amtrak's rail and cruise offer, save on stays in Seattle before or after your cruise and more
It's a special niche for travelers with the time and temperament to sail long itineraries -- anywhere from a few weeks to several months -- and who don't mind doing without the amenities of a modern cruise ship.
It's safe to say that the Dalmatian Coast is now firmly back on the tourist map. It's hopping drawing Europeans who appreciate its beauty, beaches, history, culture and affordability. Find out who cruises there.
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From Nancy Celia: "I've never taken a cruise and would like as much info as I can on a budget-conscious, all-inclusive cruise to the Panama Canal. I've read lots of info here on this message board, but I don't even know where you all are talking about with these different city names that are near Panama. I figured a cruise through the canal and that area will give me a chance to experience a cruise trip and see the Panama Canal. Anyone want to offer some info about good but inexpensive and all-inclusive liners that will go to this area? Thanks! Nancy:
From Craig Nelson: "I want to book a trip now and take advantage of some great deals for later this year. I don't know yet who my companion will be. Cruise lines and airlines (companion certificate) both require name's of both parties in order to make a reservation. Anyone have a solution to this dilemma (other than my Mom's 'settle down and get married')?"
From Bonnie Weissman: "I have friends who are active seniors in their 70s with some health issues, such as Diabetes and Lupus. They have traveled abroad independently and in groups several times in the past, but were leery this time because of concerns over their health and safety. This time they decided to take a cruise, and it was the best of all worlds for them. I'm not sure which co. they used, but the ship had a fulltime doctor. The ship was a floating hotel, so they did not have to unpack more than a couple of times in several weeks. She said that just knowing a doctor was onboard (with a list of all their meds) to treat any problems helped them relax and enjoy their holiday so much more. Hope this helps someone with similar issues."
From cafcuny: "We took a river cruise once from Amsterdam to Vienna. We liked it so much we wanted to take other cruises. However, it's hard to find bargains or last-minute deals for river cruises to Europe or Russia. Can anyone tell us which websites post discount bargains or last minute deals of river cruises? Or do you know any travel sites we can subscribe to that will give us the discount or last minute deal information when available?"
From Carole Weisberger: "When Princess scheduled our airline reservations with only one hour between planes to get to Santiago for a S. American cruise, we missed our flight and therefore the cruise. There was only one flight per day to Santiago from Atlanta and the cruise line didn't recommend going to the next port on a puddle jumper. Since we had purchased insurance, we figured we'd get our money back, but they refused and now we have to sue Princess Cruise lines to get what we deserved all along. If anyone is thinking of taking a cruise on Princess, they should be wary of their insurance."

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