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Traveling with the girls and leaving the spouse, boyfriend, kids and/or dog behind should be a god-given right ranking up there with freedom of speech and weekly pedicures.
Queen Elizabeth II bids goodbye to Queen Elizabeth 2, Prince Albert II says hello to Prince Albert II, and more regal updates from the seven seas.
The schooners are back on Maine's coast, plying the waters of Penobscot Bay as they've done for more than two centuries: sail-powered, silent, and -- a plus this year -- almost completely immune to the price of gas.
Special offers from Crystal Cruises and Air Tahiti Nui, as well as a fleet of deals from cruise specialist agents.
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From mdjackson: "My husband wants to leave our small stroller at home. I think we will regret this."
From jaglidden: "We love driving and being on our own, so this seems to be the perfect solution for our needs."
From jlg614: "My boyfriend and I don't want to be the youngest people on the ship (or be the only ones without kids!)."
From J_girlspic: "We live in Florida and want to stay relatively close due to the time and money constraints."
From cenoel: "Where would be a good area to stay the night before?"

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