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Silversea cuts prices on leisurely luxury voyages, AHI International discounts Saxony river cruises and Radisson reduces for the fall -- plus our usual roundup of truly cheap itineraries.
To step into the old town is to be transported instantly back to the Middle Ages, when Bruges was among the wealthiest cities of Europe. Unlike so many European cities that have had their hearts torn out by war, Bruges has remained unravaged, its glorious monumental buildings intact.
We round up what's new in ship christenings, the new Noordam in New York, what to wear and baseball-themed excursions.
It's a been a long road getting NCL's new U.S.-flagged Pride of America out of the shipyard and into service, but she's finally here, wrapped head to toe in the red, white, and blue.
Cruises here are anywhere from one to three weeks, plus many offer optional pre- and post-cruise land packages so you can go further inland to famed places like the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China and Angkor Wat, the ancient city of temples in central Cambodia.
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Reader's Voice
From viennadjean: "I've read articles regarding booking passage on cargo ships and seeing some very interesting things. However, when I go online and attempt to find info on this subject it all seems to come back as major cruise ship companies. Has anyone out there done this?"
From marinjoe:"Does anyone have experience with this German Cruise line. Very highly rated but tough to find Americans who have traveled with them. Our big concern is that we will be overwhelmed with smokers. The last thing we want on a very expensive cruise is to be surrounded at dinner and elsewhere with a bunch of chain smokers, which is the norm in Germany."
From Dick Hannon: "Has anyone taken the Princess repositioning cruise from South Hampton to New York? We are taking this cruise in September. Since there are 7 at sea days on this cruise, does anyone know what kind of day time activities are available?"
From btodd: "Just got back from a 13-day cruise on the Celebrity's Infinity round-trip cruise from San Francisco. They have another one scheduled for September. It was fantastic. I really felt like a celebrity. The weather was cool (55-60°). We only had 2 rainy days. I highly recommend this cruise line."
From harryjr: "Has anyone had any negative experiences cruising on a ship immediately prior to a scheduled dry dock stay? We are considering such a cruise in November. The ship departs the day after Thanksgiving and sails for 5-days before going in for maintenance and upgrades. The itinerary is not a standard one and is probably just designed to fill in. It seems like the crew could possibly be distracted and might not be as attentive, knowing they will soon be on leave."
From dwhave: "Our family is going on our first cruise on 7/21/05 on the Fantasy. Our children are 9 and 11 and we are wondering if it is worth packing good clothes to go to the formal night or would we have more fun eating pizza with the boys? If we do go, would dockers and polo shirt be fine for the boys and would I be out of place if I wore a tan suit?"

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