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From Alaska to Athens, here are the best deals advertised by a handful of major travel agencies this week.
With this installment, learn what makes Sophia Loren so "god-"ly, look for better staterooms, discover upgrade excursions, and more.
Some men buy red sports cars when they reach a certain age. Bob Tassi, a veteran of the Nashville recording industry, had a different idea: taking his wife and children to coastal Maine, buying an antique schooner, and offering an idyllic vacation experience to all comers.
Thoughts of a spa and invoke images of oiled hands, darkened rooms and new age music. Cruising brings to mind Pina Coladas, Bingo and Baked Alaska. To combine these two modes of relaxation causes one to seriously question whether or not to ever end a vacation. Cruise ship spas are all the rage these days. A ship's spa is now as vital as its buffet line, craps table and showgirls. Cruise line execs and designers are well aware that spas are an expected amenity that needs to impress.
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Reader's Voice
From bvjduke: "Do not book anything from Cruises-n-More (www.cruises-n-more.com)!! Frommer's promotes them on this site, which is the reason I booked with them. Now I am sorry I did. No return calls for two months, no return e-mails to my mail I sent. Then I find out the person who handled my booking is no longer there, but since they never responded, I am being penalized! How unfair is that?"
From caklakamp: "We recently booked a June 2005 cruise for Caribbean Princess. Our travel agent asked if we wanted the traditional first/second seating for dinner or the personal choice dining. I have read through the Princess brochure and I am not quite sure which is right for us. We will have our two youngest children with us, ages 6 & 9 at the time of the cruise. Any suggestions would be appreciated."
From Diane Connors: "I am cruising to Northern Europe (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Russia) in August. I am confused about the local currencies vs. who uses the Euro. Is it best to take travelers cheques for use in each port, or use U.S. dollars for purchases, use credit cards, or do withdrawals at ATMs?"
From Norma Robbins: "Hi. I would like to go on an Alaskan Cruise. Can anyone tell me what month (or 2 months) are the best to go? When is it not dark? Also, what is the best & cheapest cruiseline to take? Thanks!"
From Buzz Ray: "Wife and I just returned from cruise of "Old Shakey" out of Southampton. Cruise was good, food was excellent, the ship staff was super, but the onboard activities are minimal. Most disappointing were the various port amenities. Caribbean cruisers are used to numerous companies offering excursions at the docks -- not so on this cruise. The ship charges for shuttles to closest towns where you can catch trains or buses to bigger cities; the shuttles run $4, each way per person."

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