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Find out how you can get a free round-trip flight to Tahiti, and discover a wealth of deals from the leading cruise specialist agents.
We often hear what the cruise lines are or aren't doing to offer a greener, more conservation-oriented cruise experience. But how are you making a difference? Here are 10 ways you can.
Our cruise experts log onto their e-mail, pick a topic, and yap until they're blue in the face. Today's topics: on-board casinos, gambling, Frank Sinatra, and what constitutes appropriate after-dinner fashion.
Silversea sends a ship to Polynesia, HAL goes whale watching, MSC makes a big bet on the Caribbean, and more developments in the cruising world.
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Reader's Voice
From frugal traveller: "We haven't been to any of these places and wanted to know if anyone can recommend some must-sees."
From slcruiser: "If anyone has gone to Alaska in September, please let us know what the weather was like and advice on what to wear."
From Janrex2628: "We are doing the Oct 17th full transit on The Monarch of the Seas. Would like to hear from others doing the same cruise to discuss ports."
From julieanne1107@aol.com: "Any tips for a British Isles cruise and doing your own excursions?"
From blunderingnumbskullery: "I want to take my mom somewhere special. I just want something relaxing and fun. Perhaps a cruise?"

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