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As usual, we've rounded up the best deals and specials currently available from major travel agencies, including transatlantic crossings from $1,399 that include free airfare to Lisbon.
Today's ships are catering to golfers more than ever before. While practically all the major cruise lines offer some level of golf instruction, several go the extra mile.
In this latest roundup of cruise industry happenings, you'll find out why a cruiseline has apologized and issued refunds, what new programs are available on board for kids of all ages, who's offering cellphones and more.
The first cruiselines begin visiting this fall. There's no doubt that Libya is back on the tourist map. We tell you how to get there.
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Reader's Voice
From p szeto: "Help! I've been getting the run-around from Celebrity and Travelocity -- each blaming the other. Back in February, we booked a group of nine in four cabins for a one-week cruise. Celebrity changed the itinerary to a week and half, but we weren't notified until we read the change in departure dates when Travelocity requested final payment from us on July 28. With the change in dates one pair couldn't go, so we attempted to switch the third person in the triple cabin into the empty cabin and find someone else willing to go as a substitute. The Celebrity rule is one of the original people booked need to stay in that cabin or it would be a cancellation."
From Lady Gilbert: "Being that it is prime hurricane season and the gulf was recently hit, what do cruiselines do when a hurricane is heading to a port of call on your trip or is in your path? I leave on a RCCL cruise next week, and don't see anything on their website about alternate plans or destinations. Has anyone experienced this? Was your trip spoiled?"
From Betty Mitchell: "I am curious to see what you all think about RCCL's new policy prohibiting travel agencies from discounting cruises. I also heard that at a later date Carnival will inaugurate the same policy!"
From CJM: "Is anyone else outraged by NCL's new gratuity policy now in force for the Pride of Aloha, and is about to be rolled out fleet wide? It is bad enough that 'tips' are added to your bill without your say so, but it angers me that you will no longer be able to adjust those 'automatic' tips based upon outstanding or poor service. I wonder if the charges can be disputed on your charge card, since you don't 'sign' like you do for drinks."
From Betsy Kilkenny: "Does anyone know if World Explorer Cruises is operating again? They did not sail in 2003, and I can't find anything about them for 2004. I'd love to know where or how to find out if they are operatonal."

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