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Finding the best room on a cruise ship starts with money, but it doesn't always end there. Find out how to pick the best beds on all the major cruise lines.
Our cruise blogger steps on board the new Royal Caribbean megaships with only his expertise and camera.
How you spend your time in port can make the difference between a great cruise experience and a big fat disappointment. Here's what you need to consider when choosing an excursion.
Celebrity's re-positioning cruise clocks in at $58 each day at sea and should cause mouths to drop open in awe.
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Carvinal Cruise on the way to Western Carribean Carvinal Cruise on the way to Western Carribean
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Reader's Voice
From momof6boys: "We enjoy taking our boys with us where ever we go. I searched prices and we can't touch Royal Caribbean. I don't care for the glitz and glamour, its my vacation too."
From ophelia: "I would appreciate any input about the weather during this time of the year. We will be on the Royal Viking cruise. I realize it is the fall, but do they get a lot of rain, as well?"
From Pele46: "Anyone have a suggestion for the best cruise around Cape Horn? We want to go to Port Stanley and Falkland and prefer the Buenos Aires - Santiago (or reverse) itinerary rather than anything longer."
From Nancy : "We are wondering if we should rent a car on the island of Santorini so that we can visit the town of Oia and maybe a beach and some churches, or do you think we should take public transportation?"

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